Online training

During online training on Bridge Base Online we are happy to help to develop your bridge skills in any field of bridge: leads, cardplay, bidding and defense. We can prepare sets of hands that you may discuss and solved with your trainer assistance. We also can improve your bidding by special sessions in the „bidding room” and practice particular sequences.
Moreover, you may invite your partner to join and under trainer supervision you may build and improve your bidding system.

Our trainers:

Piotr Zatorski Piotr Zatorski – Piotr has years of experience not only at domestic but also international field. He specializes in logic defence or conlusions from bidding, opponent cardplay or when we shall use Lavinthal /direct attitude or count, training of one or two way bidding and cardplay.
marcin osmanski Marcin Osmański – Marcin is ready reveal beauty of bridge to any bridge beginner. He will guide you trough basics such us: fineese making or keeping communiction during play. He will also explain what is Lavinthal or attitude/count, show leads rules and the most popular system in Poland – Polish Club (Wspolny Jezyk).
Michał Klukowski Michał Klukowski – Michał has played hundreds of boards with great Polish stars such as Cezary Balicki or Piotr Gawrys. Despite his young age, he is considered as one of the best card players in Poland and he is ready to help you at any skill level.
azs6 Maciej Bielawski – Maciek will help all those who just made first steps from beginners level and want to improve their skills.